Hina Khan Rocky Singh

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Hina Khan's boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal has resolutely denied the allegations of running paid trends on social media in favour of his lover.

While "India Loves Hina" has been one of the most popular trends on Twitter, some Bigg Boss 11 fan pages have alleged that those were paid trends by Rocky to garner more support for the TV actress.

However, Rocky rubbished the accusations as baseless. "First and foremost, I have no idea about paid trends. Secondly, social media is important, but I don't think that it is so massive that one needs to pay an insignificant amount of money to do build an image. Moreover, Hina is already a star and doesn't need such publicity stunt. Why will I use paid trends on social media and what will I get out of it?," Times of India quoted Rocky has saying during a live Facebook chat.

"Hina was wrong in two or three occasions but she is 99 percent right in the show," Hina's beau added expressing his support for her.

Earlier, one fan page had shared screenshots of certain chats on Twitter that had suggested that some paid trends were being planned. It was said that many of the tweets in support made in support of Hina were from fake handles.

Similar allegations of running paid trends on social media were levelled on Priyank Sharma as well. Series of allegations and counter allegations have been doing the rounds on social media regarding the Bigg Boss 11 contestants.

Fans of Hina had claimed that host Salman Khan is biased towards Shilpa Shinde, who is considered one of the toughest contestants on the show. It was also alleged that the makers of Bigg Boss 11 had deliberately been portraying Hina in a negative manner in order to facilitate Shilpa's victory. She is apparently the biggest competitor for Hina on the show.