Vikas and Hina
Vikas breaks down as Hina Khan fightsInstagram

Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan's fight is not here to die down anytime soon.

In the recent developments, Hina is shown making a comment on Vikas Gupta's dressing style and cut to, Vikas is shown crying in the bathroom.

Why? Because Vikas Gupta got offended with her comment which was: "Are you going to see girls?"and this also led to Priyank going against Hina.

Who is right here? Is Vikas doing this because he is nominated and wants sympathy (playing the victim card) or Hina Khan is playing dirty? Was her comment made in sheer joke or she was actually serious and taking a dig at Vikas Gupta's clothes?

Vikas actually admitted in the episode last night that his fight with Priyank was only to give him footage and was a 'help' for him to get saved.

With immense difficulty and hardships, the luxury budget task -- Bigg Boss Poultry farm concluded with Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi and Shilpa Shinde as the contenders for captaincy.

Last night we also saw how Hina played her cards well and went on to accuse Vikas of touching her inappropriately. Vikas in the process to protect his egg fell over Hina, which lead to an intense fight between them.

In his defense, Vikas said that Hina is simply taking advantage of being a woman and accusing him falsely, when in reality she is constantly hugging the men of the house!

The Hero of the day, however, is Akash Dadlani who used his agility to great advantage as he wanted to acquire Vikas Gupta's egg and throw it in the pool! Hina and Shilpa who have now come together in friendship share a good laugh at Vikas' expense and appreciate Akash's efforts in the task.