Gehana Vasisth and Arshi Khan
Gehana Vasisth and Arshi KhanTwitter

In a shocking development, Gehana Vasisth apparently released Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan's alleged sex video on YouTube. She had earlier stated that she has Arshi's sex video, and had promised to make it public.

In a statement to International Business Times India, Gehana's manager said that the actress leaked Arshi's private video on YouTube and Twitter, but the latter's publicist managed to get it removed immediately.

In the statement, Gehana said that the video she released is "Arshi Khan's sex MMS in a hotel room with a client". Arshi's publicist got it removed within 30 minutes, the statement added.

The Bigg Boss 11 contestant's publicist Flynn Remedios also confirmed that he got the video deleted from YouTube, but added that it was a fake video and a very old one.

"On a take down request by @flynnremedios @YouTube delets @GehanaV so called 'fake' video. The video @GehanaV is ref 2 is actually v old," the publicist tweeted. In response to this tweet, Gehana's manager replied, "Hey I still have the original unedited video!"

Gehana exclusively told IB Times that Arshi herself had released the sex video earlier. "Actually in 2015, Arshi Khan had herself released the Sex MMS of herself in a bedroom with some male person. She claimed it was with Shahid Afridi. That Arshi Khan sex MMS was leaked on some foreign sites, but then the sites crashed and the video went offline. Luckily I had saved the first unedited version of the video and have it with me till date," Gehana claimed.

Gehana has been making scandalous comments on many Bigg Boss 11 contestants, including Arshi. She had accused Arshi of practicing prostitution, and had mentioned about this alleged sex video earlier as well.

In response to the allegations, Arshi's publicist had sued Gehana for Rs 1 crore, and had challenged her to prove the allegations. Gehana had stated that she was not afraid of Arshi or her team.

Looks like the fight between Gehana and Arshi will get nastier in coming days.