Hina Khan, Dhinchak Pooja
Hina Khan, Dhinchak PoojaTwitter

The weekend episode of Bigg Boss 11 welcomed the much-awaited wild card entry contestant – Dhinchak Pooja. While the inmates gave her a warm welcome in the house, Hina Khan was seen making fun of her.

The TV actress didn't even go out and welcome her in the house. And she was accompanied by Shilpa Shinde. Both the housemates made fun of her in front of the camera and admitted that they are not going to say "hi" to the new contestant.

This has made Bigg Boss fans furious and called Hina "disgusting" and "arrogant". One of the Bigg Boss fans said that she has shown her real colours inside the house.

In fact, Shilpa Shinde too followed Hina's footsteps. She even bitched about Dhinchak Pooja and will be seen mocking her in the upcoming episodes with the song: "Selfie Mene Le Li Aaj."

But the reaction of Hina Khan is what shocked everyone. We also believe that Hina shouldn't have behaved like this as people think she is a mature lady. But this kind of behaviour has put out a bad image of her outside the house.

Take a look at the reactions of people who are unhappy with Hina Khan's behaviour towards Dhinchak Pooja.

Nitish KK‏ @Nitish_B2

What's wrong with #Hinakhan ; She's So Annoying, #Dhinchakpooja is also a Human ; you can't Disrespect Anyone like that !! #BiggBoss11

surbhi singh‏ @surbhisingh66

#BiggBoss11 dear Hina Khan dhinchakpooja songs are still better than your serial yrkkh

Ahaan‏ @is_vikrant

#HinaKhan IsSo DISGUSTING Man Instead OfMaking #DhinchakPooja Confortable She Is BackBitching Her. Lost All RESPECT. BLACK SPOT On TV INDUSTRY

Sapna jha‏ @Sapnajh91882351

#Dhinchakpooja chaahe kitni bhi annoying ho but its very disrespectful that #HinaKhan didn't even welcome her

dev‏ @hiiamdevd

#HinaKhan didn't even say hi to #Dhinchakpooja And she talks about Arshi Khan's tehjeeb #BB11

Mahesh Shenoy ⚡️‏ @MaheshShenoy12

The faces Hina Khan makes thinkin Dhinchak Pooja ,Arshi n Akash etc r wayyy inferior to her!This is EXACTLY y I hate her! #BiggBoss11 #BB11

Fama ‏ @Fama0994

#HinaKhan & #Shilpa 's snooty attitude towards #DhinchakPooja is the perfect example of ppl who can't handle success. #WeekendKaVaar #BB11

Paras Malhotra‏ @PMparasmalhotra

Other #BiggBoss11 contestants are so insecure of Dhinchak Pooja especially that Hina khan and Shilpa Shinday.These 2 women behaved so rudely

In ️Wid Mr.Khan ‏ @Sahabia_Salman

Why Hina khan is so over reacting?! U r bigger drama than Dhinchak Pooja. #BB11 #WeekendKaVaar