Splitsvilla X, Splitsvilla X contestants Priyank Sharma, Divya Agarwal
Splitsvilla X contestants Priyank Sharma, Divya AgarwalDivya Agarwal/Instagram

In the recent developments inside Bigg Boss 11, Hina Khan has made a statement that Priyank Sharma has feelings for his ex-girlfriend Nikita Nagpal who's in the US.

In BB Extra Dose 'Problem hi Problem at Bigg Boss house' published on Voot (on the 40th min); while giving a back massage to Priyank, Hina told Hiten: "Priyank has said no to massage with oil because it will look bad on the camera. People in USA won't like. Aur kisi ne bola hai ki waha par meri jaan hai."

Priyank kept blushing and told Hina to please keep quiet and requested Bigg Boss to cut that clipping. Priyank went on to say that 'uske exams chal rahe honge abhi, Hina please don't say this on camera.' Hiten too kept teasing Priyank with 'USA girl' topic.

But then where does it leave Divya Agarwal, who is Priyank's current girlfriend?

Divya Agarwal is shocked. Talking exclusively to International Business Times, India, she says: "I am feeling completely stupid right now. I was till now believing what Priyank told me when we were alone. I was supporting him at every stage.

"I never believed the rumours of Vikas and his relationship. I never believed the rumours of his ex-girlfriend still dating him, because he never told me anything. But after watching Bigg Boss and listening to Hina's statement, I feel I am making a fool out of myself. I have a hundred questions when Priyank comes out. I don't know what changed. I have seen him in Splitsvilla, outside Splitsvilla but it seems that he can only make promises in private. I need answers."

"I am getting messages from my fans since last night asking whether Priyank is still dating his ex-girlfriend and what not. I don't know how to react. I am having my doubts on his loyalty. He has clearly broken Vikas's trust in the show (with whatever I have seen) and now he's breaking mine. I am seeing a new face of Priyank."

"I don't know if this his strategy for the game but it is definitely hurting people's emotions in the process. I don't know about him winning the game, he's losing his own people," she added.

Well, only time will tell what Priyank is upto.