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Bandgi Kalra got evicted this week from the Bigg Boss 11 house and left her beau Puneesh Sharma behind in the house. While everyone thought Luv Tyagi will be eliminated, Bandgi's exit came as a surprise to many.

She became the seventh contestant to get eliminated from the commoners' clan this season. Post eviction, Bandgi gave an interview to Firstpost and revealed her emotions and feelings for other contestants.

She said: "It was an amazing experience and I cannot believe I had to leave at this juncture. If I get a chance, I would willingly go back to the house."

"I will continue to follow the show and will be rooting for Puneesh to win."

A software engineer by profession, Bandgi tried her hands at modelling and has been part of few beauty pageants as well.

As soon she entered the house, Bandgi developed a bond with Puneesh and the duo fell for each other. They made several headlines for their intimate scenes and Bandgi got the attention because of her ex-beau Dennis Nagpal as well.

Take a look at Bandgi's version of her Bigg Boss 11 journey that she told Firstpost:

On her eviction:

"It was quite unexpected and I thought that Luv would get evicted. In fact, most people in the house felt he would be out. I don't think my eviction was fair because Luv is basically doing nothing. I don't know why India saved him. Last week, too, he survived and Sapna was evicted and this week it is me. That guy has strong luck."

Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma's intimate moments in the Bigg Boss 11 house
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On her relationship with Puneesh:

"We didn't plan anything, it is real. We will remain together. I would be just teasing Puneesh saying, let's break up. But we are very much together."

On her ex-boyfriend:

"He has hacked my account and has been spreading all kinds of rumours about me. One of those is that my family, my parents are unhappy about my affair with Puneesh. My family is fine. I had therefore clarified this in front of Salman since Priyank had come from outside and wrong information was being circulated and discussed in the house. My ex just wants some publicity, it will all fade out."

On Hina Khan:

"Hina is evil and insecure about her position. She gets extremely mean for the game. Among the entire celebrity clan, she has been a huge disappointment. She needs supporters around her to justify her statements. Once Priyank and Luv are evicted then we will see how strong she is."

Hina Khan puts red chilli powder in Bandgi Kalra's eyes
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On Arshi Khan:

"Arshi was good earlier, now she is playing a dirty game. For the first half season she was with Shilpa, and the second half she shifted on Hina's side, but she has realised that it's not working. Now she is confused whether she should be with Shilpa or Vikas, or stay with Hina. Once Priyank and Luv leave, Hina won't be friendly with Arshi. Coming weeks will be bad for her."

On Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta:

"Shilpa and Vikas are playing the game using their mind, not merely by words or emotions."

Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde fight
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On Hiten Tejwani:

"Hiten doesn't stand a chance. He may have a huge fan following, hence he has survived till now, but he is not deserving. He hasn't stood up for the right stance in many instances and has just gone with the majority, which is very disappointing."