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Bigg Boss 11 episode 28 began with contestants voting for Sapna Choudhary to compete for captaincy alongside Luv Tyagi and Bandgi Kalra.

Sapna, however, couldn't continue the task and gets disqualified, Bandgi and Luv gave each other a tough competition. Finally, Luv becomes the captain of Bigg Boss 11 house, which means he will be safe from the nominations for two weeks.

Bigg Boss then begins the process of nominations by asking two contestants to decide who should get nominated between them. The first two housemates were Sabyasachi and Mehjabi, in which the former decides to jump in for nomination.

Similarly, Hina gives another chance to Puneesh to be on the show and on the other hand, Akash Dadlani didn't want to get nominated, so Shilpa Shinde gave her name.

Hiten Tejwani sacrificed like a big brother for Priyank Sharma, Sapna Choudhary too gave her name for the nomination and saved Vikas Gupta. Dhinchak Pooja chose friendship over immunity and let Arshi be safe.

Only Benafsha Soonawalla and Bandgi Kalra were stubborn and couldn't decide and as per rules of Bigg Boss, if the two can't decide who will be immune, then both of them will be in nominations' list.

While the process of nominations was going on, Bandgi tried to manipulate Arshi to not leave Vikas' side. Priyank and Vikas had a small spat as the former tried to talk about the outside world in the house, even after Salman Khan's warning.

Unfortunately, Priyank's discussion about the same landed him in trouble. Also, Bigg Boss secretly warned each contestant not to discuss the nominations with other contestants or outside the nomination room.

But Priyank requested to the audience to vote for Hiten. This act of his broke Bigg Boss rules and as a result, Bigg Boss nominated Priyank.

So, there are eight nominations this week. Nominated contestants are Sabyasachi, Shilpa, Hina, Hiten, Sapna, Pooja, Benafsha, Bandgi and Priyank.

The episode ends with Arshi telling Luv that Dhinchak Pooja 'loves' him.