Gehana Vasisth and Arshi Khan
Gehana Vasisth and Arshi KhanPR Handout/Facebook

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan has been under constant attack from South actress Gehana Vasisth. Now the latter alleged that Arshi's "lesbian girlfriend" has threatened to rape her.

Gehana has alleged that Arshi's female friend, who according to her is Arshi's girlfriend, has been threatening her with abusive messages on Facebook and Whatsapp.

In a statement, Gehana's manager Suresh Shetty said, "The whole world knows who Arshi Khan's lesbian girlfriend is. To find out you just need to Google 'arshi khan lesbian girlfriend' to get all the details and videos".

Without mentioning her name, the actress also alleged that the female friend has been posting "abusive" and "defamatory" remarks on her own Facebook wall against Gehana apart from sending her rape threats.

The video that Gehana's manager is talking about had shown Arshi and the female friend engaging in some dirty acts. The video had once gone viral on social media.

Nonetheless, Arshi's publicist had defended her saying that she and Arshi are very good friends, and the video was shot just for fun. However, Gehana has now come up with more serious allegations.

Earlier, Gehana had made a series of claims against Arshi. She had said that the controversial Bigg Boss 11 contestant had faked about her age and marital status. According to her, Arshi is already married to a bookie, and she had even claimed to have released Arshi's "sex video", which was later removed.

With such derogatory allegations coming up, Arshi's publicist had said that he had filed a defamation case against Gehana, adding that all the accusations are baseless.

However, it is not just Arshi who has been under Gehana's salvo but many other Bigg Boss 11 contestants. She had made serious allegations on Vikas Gupta, Priyank Sharma, Bandgi Kalra, Shilpa Shinde and some others.