Arshi Khan in Bigg Boss 11
Arshi Khan in Bigg Boss 11Voot screenshot

A lot of obscene incidents have been happening inside Bigg Boss 11 house, and Arshi Khan is the latest one to involve in such a vulgar act, with due co-operation from Akash Dadlani.

In one unseen Voot video from a recent episode, Arshi is seen making some sleazy dance moves on a popular Bollywood item number sung by Puneesh Sharma inside the house. If that was not enough, Akash asked Arshi to be more sensuous, and flaunt little more. She had actually taken his words literally and almost did what he asked for.

It so happened that Arshi, Akash, Puneesh and Bandgi Kalra were present at the garden area of the house. Suddenly Arshi started making some sleazy dance moves, while Puneesh sang the song.

Soon things started turning inappropriate as Arshi tried to pull down Akash's shorts, and even asked him if he had not worn anything inside. While Akash started dancing with her, he stared at Arshi rather inappropriately, and the latter quickly called him "tharki", asking him to look at her eyes; though on a funny note.

Taking things to another level, Akash then asked Arshi to flaunt more saying that it will give her the necessary "footage". Surprisingly, Arshi obliged and tore the top portion of her shirt on camera.

However, she immediately realised that host Salman Khan may find it very obscene, and restrained herself from going any further. "Salman itna marega na," she said, followed by Puneesh saying, "Haan, iss baar toh thappad hi pad jayega". You can watch the unseen Bigg Boss 11 video here.

Arshi is one of the most controversial contestants of Bigg Boss 11 due to her past when she was allegedly involved in a sex racket. She also remained in news for repeated scuffles with many other co-contestants inside the house.