Vikas and Priyank

Vikas Gupta has had some major fights in just the first week of Bigg Boss 11.

Vikas' history with Shilpa Shinde has triggered venomous verbal spats between the two.

It was revealed by Shilpa that Vikas chose to be gay. A lot of contestants are curious about the latter's sexuality and his feminine postures.

On October 9, Day 5 on Bigg Boss, Shilpa said: "Vikas ne ladko tak ko nai chhoda hai (Vikas hasn't even left boys alone)."

Puneesh Sharma added: "Casting couch"

Two contestants from the Bigg Boss house and self-acclaimed critic KRK's sources hint that there is more to what meets the eye.

Only time may tell what these are. For now, let's wait and watch how the show unfolds and if it is able to out Priyank and Vikas.

Ex Bigg Boss contestant Kamal Rashid Khan — popularly known as KRK — tweeted: "Breaking News-According to sources, Priyank Sharma is boyfriend of Guy Vikas Gupta so they both are in #BiggBoss11 [sic]."

Is Priyank's relationship with Divya Agarwal real? Or just a facade for his rumoured affair with Vikas Gupta?

For those who don't know, Priyank had only one girlfriend before Divya and their relationship lasted for 10 years. But the girl moved to the US and their affair ended. There is no scope of them getting back together now.