Hiten and Akash
Hiten and Akash in Bigg Boss 11Twitter

Bigg Boss 11 tasks are getting difficult by the day, and the contestants are leaving no stone unturned to torture their "enemies."

In the recent luxury budget task, inspired by the famous children's story Gulliver's Travels, the contestants were divided into two groups – Giants (Dawan) and Dwarfs (Lilliput).

With the lawn area converted into the land of the Lilliput, the dwarfs were allowed to capture and hold one giant in custody and torture them by all means possible to get them to tap out of the task.

While Akash had made Shilpa and Bandgi's life miserable a day ago, it is his turn to get tortured.

Shilpa and Bandgi rub garlic on Akash's face, to which he has a severe allergic reaction. Check out the video above.

How miserable can people get in the house? There's no pity shown but there's something positive to this — Akash continues the task and doesn't give up. Kudos!

Meanwhile, Hiten Tejwani, who rarely loses his cool, blasts Luv Tyagi for opening his personal luggage without his permission and stealing his trimmer.

This has really left everyone in shock because Hina Khan is apparently the culprit here.

This task is being monitored by Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma.

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Punjabi has something to say about the ongoing torture task. She tweeted: "Priyank sanchalak kam hina ka chamcha jyada laga.. @eyehinakhan ke baare meh kya kahe.. kuch kehna ke liye bacha nahi hai ab.. ghatiya to the core.. task humne bhi kiye hai boss aise toh hum kabhi nahi the.. @lostboy54 u are my jaan loved u once again #BB11 [sic]".

Looks like the entire industry is against Hina and Priyank and doesn't let a single chance to slam their actions on the show go begging.