Bigg Boss 10
MonaLisa during a fight with the housemates in Bigg Boss 10.Bigg Boss/ Twitter

Even today, if a woman is found to be too friendly with men, she is labelled as someone with a questionable character. In Bigg Boss 10, Mona Lisa has been targeted for being close to fellow inmate Manu Punjabi.

After her celebrity teammates thought Punjabi was making inappropriate advances and that she should stay away from him, Priya Saini — Punjabi's fiancée — told the Times of India that Mona Lisa was being a "despo." Now, wild card contestant Jason Shah has made an extremely sexist remark about her.

An insider informed DNA that the British-born model felt Mona Lisa was hitting on him and that he could see it in her eyes. "He says that Mona is a Bhojpuri actress and must have dated a lot of other men. But she's never had the luck to date a firangi and now she wants one which is why she is trying to hit on Jason," the source further elaborated.

It's unfortunate that in today's time and age a woman is questioned for just being friendly. Shah's comment could either be a terrible effort to boost the TRP Ratings of the show, which hit an all-time low this year, or it could just be him.

Om Swami, who has an opinion on anything and everything, had some really nasty things to say about Mona Lisa' character as well. He says that her closeness to Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar is unacceptable as she is engaged.