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Bigg Boss 10 has started off on a great note with contestants picking fights for petty reasons, making the show interesting. So far, the commoners have managed to hog the limelight and the celebrities have stayed mellow.

Host Salman Khan congratulated the Indiawaale on having successfully ruled the house over the last few days and taunted (in a subtle manner) the stars for not showing interest. One would think that's the last they would hear about for not taking charge of things, but Sunday's Weekend Ka Vaar has more in store.

Former contestant and now guest Kamya Punjabi reproached the stars for underperforming. She expressed her disappointment over how every celeb isn't giving their 100 percent, while highlighting the fact that Bani J may have lost out on some of her fans for giving up on the horse task that easy.

The horse task had two participants from each team – maalik and sevak – who would have to rock a wooden horse and every time it would neigh, they would have to drink a glass of water. Bani was the first to give up, after which Naveen Prakash alighted the toy horse and then Gaurav Chopra walked out, making Priyanka Jagga the winner of the task.

Even though Khan reprimanded the stars for being so mild and mellow, he gave Jagga an earful for misbehaving with her fellow contestants. The superstar didn't approve of the way she has been throwing her weight around the house and also speaking to participants rudely.

Sunday's episode is a crucial one as the first eviction is to take place. Jagga, Chopra, Monalisa and Manu Punjabi have been nominated in the first week. While the general opinion on social media is Monalisa as she hasn't done much over the week gone by, some seem to be keen on Jagga's elimination.

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