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Two episodes into Bigg Boss 10 and the contestants are already bringing the house down with unnecessary arguments. Sleep disturbances, diet issues and such things have become a major tiff-starter in the glass house.

Viewers are enjoying every bit of the high-voltage reality show and have already picked out their favourite contestants. The first nominations for elimination has taken place and Gaurav Chopra, Manoj Punjabi, Monalisa and Priyanka Jagga are in the danger zone.

Even though these four have failed to impress, it is Monalisa who runs the risk of being ousted from the show this week. Also, she has expressed major disinterest in staying in the house as she cannot cope with the pressure and the amount of fights the contestants get into.

Here's what the viewers have predicted:

Dr.MoInMak: i think MonaLisa will be first one to go home from @BiggBoss house , there is no chance either Manu or Priyanka can get evicted #Biggboss10

Krunal Atole: ‏@pyarwalaKrunal: @BiggBossCandy #BiggBoss10 #firsteviction Revealed !!! "Monalisa get evicted" @BiggBoss @ColorsTV @Beingind

Shamz: I want Priyanka to leave but I think Mona Lisa will be evicted. She's not making a strong impression at all. #BiggBoss10

Keshav Nyati: And here it is, #MonaLisa is evicted this week. #BB10 #BiggBoss10

Simplypurple: Realistically speaking, Mona Lisa will depart since Gaurav is being liked while Priyanka & Manoj are pushing people's buttons. #BiggBoss10

Meher: Gaurav Chopra and Mannu Tiwari are here to stay. Either Priyanka or Monalisa will pack their bags. Most probably Monalisa #BiggBoss10

MD.Tausif Hussain: Good bye #Monalisa if someone will leave this house in the of this week, it will be you. #BiggBoss10 @bigboss