Om Swami welcoming Sunny Leone at Bigg Boss 10
Pictured: Om Swami welcoming Sunny Leone at Bigg Boss 10Bigg Boss Twitter

Bigg Boss 10 shows some or the other drama in each episode and the latest drama surrounded Sunny Leone. Two contestants Manu Punjabi and Om Swami raised a few eyebrows for their "misbehaviour" with Sunny on the show.

Sunny, who is an ex-Bigg Boss contestant, appeared on the show as a guest and performed a Sholay act along with the contestants. While Manu played the character of Veeru, Sunny portrayed the role of Basanti and Om Swami sported the shoes of Gabbar.

At the climax of the act, Manu called Sunny his "maal." Although Sunny did not react to that, Bani J immediately asked Manu not to use such a word for a woman. However, Manu got offended and told Bani not to interfere.

In the same episode, Om Swami received flak for trying to be too cozy with Sunny. While Bani again raised the issue with two other Bigg Boss 10 contestants, Lopamudra and Nitibha, the trio then collectively slammed Om Swami for touching Sunny inappropriately.

Other contestants like Manu and Manveer also asked Om Swami later to keep little distance from female guests. Earlier also, Om Swami had been criticised for his unpleasant comments on female contestants on the show. The self-proclaimed spiritual leader had commented on the dressing style of a few contestants.