Karan Mehra
Karan MehraBigg Boss/ Twitter

Television star Karan Mehra, who was evicted from Bigg Boss 10 on Saturday, has a pleasant personality and in the little over four weeks that he was inside the house, he was hardly seen picking unnecessary fights with fellow inmates. Because Mehra was well-behaved and believed in peacefully tackling situations, he was often tagged as the most boring contestant in the house, followed by Rahul Dev, who hardly speaks.

Apparently, Mehra's shocking elimination from the show has something to do with the way he conducted himself in the house. Sources claim that the makers decided to get rid of the actor because he was unable to create controversies, something that runs the show. He had reportedly scored more votes than nominated contestants Dev and Monalisa.

"Karan Mehra is extremely popular as a TV star and he got a lot of votes. He was definitely not in the bottom two. Mona Lisa and Rahul Dev got lesser votes than Karan but the Bigg Boss creative team decided to evict him this week as he has been pretty boring on the show, despite being a popular draw," an insider informed DNA.

Meanwhile, here's what viewers have to say about the eviction:

Mint: @raka_chatterjee @sabzz121 SHOCK!how come its #KaranMehra he 've a gud fan backup.This is only coz he wasn't giving any controversy 4 #bb10

Faiza Khan: @nisharawal it was soo heart breaking to see #KaranMehra leaving the show..I have never been his fan before but #Bb10 has made me love him.

Amit Jha: #KaranMehra you did not get eliminate d because of voting, bcz this week you got highest vote its preplan by Bigg Boss

Tushar Bharadwaj: @nisharawal mam bigg boss broke our heart. But @_KaranMehra played a fair nd genuine game.We all love him nd support him. Love u #KaranMehra

Deepi: #KaranMehra wasn't mean to be in #BiggBoss10 but his an amazing person. Indeed very calm & sweet personality #bb10

zara nasim: I will miss Karan Mehra on #BiggBoss10!! Had a strong feeling he would go! #KaranMehra love watching Salman on biggboss !