"Bigg Boss 9" went on air on Sunday (11 October) and host Salman Khan introduced the highly awaited contestants of the show.

While viewers are excited about the new season and its contestants, one of the participants Prince Narula has already become the talk of the town.

From the very first episode, the MTV "Roadies X2" winner has started winning the hearts of viewers. In fact, Prince was trending on twitter on "Bigg Boss 9" premiere day with hashtag #PrinceNarula.

Interestingly, fans are comparing him with previous season's winner Gautam Gulati as they both have some striking similarities between themselves.

From being young, handsome and fitness freaks, the duo has a massive fan-base as well.

Further, just like Gautam, who faced rejections from co-contestants during the initial days of "Bigg Boss 8" and then went on to become viewers' favourite, Prince too was rejected by his fellow contestants as their partner on the first day itself.

With such buzz, Prince will undoubtedly be one of the strongest contenders of the ninth season of the most controversial reality show.

Check out some of the tweets of viewers comparing "Bigg Boss 9" contestant Prince with previous season's winner Gautam.

Humayun Zaheer: "I Would Compare #PrinceNarula To #GautamGulati! He's Surely Gonna Be Gulati Of #Bb9!"

Pujendra: "I guess #PrinceNarula is going to be #GautamGulati of #BB9 #BiggBoss9 @BiggBoss"

Subhashree Das: "Looks like Prince Narula is the replacement for Gautam Gulati. Sabki lega yeh #BiggBoss9"

Sagar Punjabi: "and Prince Narula is this season's Gautam Gulati! @BiggBoss #BiggBoss9"

Rajeev Kumar: "Ye Prince Narula mere ko Gautam gulati ki trah lag raha hai."

Anik: "I like Prince Narula I think he will be the Gautam Gulati of #BB9 they're both Punjabi and both ENTERTAINING!"

kapeender duhan : "Princenarula the new gautam gulati of biggboss #biggboss9 winner"

Priツ: "Ess Season ka Gautam Gulati ~ Prince Narula #BB9WithSalmanKhanTonight"

Priyasha Aich: "Prince is the new gautam gulati!! We r loving you.. #PrinceNarula #BigBossDoubleTrouble"

P. Rekha Tripathi: "Finally, Prince Narula ke achchhe din aa Gaye... And He is the next Gautam Gulati #BB9"

Gregory Francis: "@Fashionopolis I see a Gautam Gulati in making , #PrinceNarula needs to calm his farm #Bigboss9"

ANNIE: "I can see the next Gautam gulati in prince narula"

Amena: "This #PrinceNarula comes across as a real asshole! He is gonna get more gutter than Gautam Gulati & Armaan Kohli!! #BB9WithSalmanKhanTonight"