YG Entertainment's boy band BIGBANG has had a successful 2015 and it seems as if their luck hasn't run out. This was evident when the band members bagged most awards at the 5th Gaon Chart Kpop Awards ceremony. However, did Seungri mar their happiness by giving an embarrassing speech?

When BIGBANG won the title of "Artist of the Year" for their song "Bang Bang Bang," the members walked up to the stage, exhibiting their apparent joy. Seungri took this opportunity to thank everyone who supported them, and interestingly, he thanked himself as well.

"It's been a long time since I've thanked myself, I think the last time was five years ago when I was a bit arrogant and out of my mind. In remembrance of that time, I'd like to thank myself," Soompi quoted him as saying. 

The "Loser" singer added that he needed to thank himself because of the band's demanding group activities. At this juncture, his band mates G-Dragon and Daesung burst out laughing.

When Super Junior member Leetuk poked fun at Seungri and said, "Your members look a bit embarrassed," the singer smiled and continued his speech.

The "Bae Bae" singer finally got a little serious and thanked G-Dragon for writing the band's songs and Taeyang for inspiring him to work harder. Seungri, 25, did not forget to thank Daesung and T.O.P as well. He said that his other two band members give him strength by smiling always and raising him tough.