Korean band BIGBANG's V app has been a blessing for fans, in particular, for a young university student, who longed to see her idol, Taeyang, at her home.

Her dream came true on Wednesday, 9 September, when the singer live streamed a memorable evening spent with the student and her family on his show "I'm Going to Eat Now."

The first year university student had written in her application that she and her mom were huge fans of BIGBANG. And Taeyang most probably chose her among a slew of other applicants for her professional degrees in cooking Korean, Chinese and Western cuisines.

Taeyang was given a warm welcome. His presence elicited so many emotions among his fan's family; teary-eyed, they hugged him and even asked him to sign on their wall, reported Soompi.

The 'BIGBANG' member was then invited to see his fan's bedroom, where a huge display of BIGBANG DVDs and CDs stared at the singer. He picked up one item and said, ""Wow, even I haven't seen this one!"

After a quick journey around the house, Young Bae a.k.a Taeyang sat down for dinner with his fan, and even offered to clean the dishes after finishing his meal.

Perhaps his most therapeutic activity is singing while doing the dishes. The singer sang, "Eyes, Nose, Lips" and commented, "Ah, such a sad song for washing dishes to." After he was done with his domestic duty, he posed for a picture with his fan and posted it on his Instagram account. 

Taeyang has been receiving several fan requests of late. A few days ago, a young sailor from the US Navy asked him to be her date at the Navy Ball. Her polite and affectionate request was posted on Facebook.

She said" "Hi Taeyang from Big Bang. My name is Khou Yang and I am currently stationed in South Korea. I wanted to ask you if you wanted to be my date for the Navy Ball. I know you're busy with your tour this year but if you can find some time, I would really appreciate it. I hope this gets to you," accorded to Allkpop