It was only a few weeks ago that BIGBANG members G-Dragon and Taeyang made an appearance as guests on the Korean variety show, "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator." Their presence led to high viewer ratings and we can expect a few happy days for the network.

Last week's segment of "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator" documented the bromance between Taeyang a.k.a Young Bae and GD. The two shared many light-hearted moments and Taeyang even said that GD can't hold secrets, even if he tried. While fans of the rapper were offered a peek into Jiyong a.k.a G-Dragon's personality last week, he took the onus upon himself and revealed a side to him that many didn't knew.

What was the big reveal, you may ask. Well, the "Heartbreaker" singer's appetite is satisfied only by the most expensive and crème de la crème of ingredients. When chefs on "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator" opened GD's fridge, they found foie gras, caviar and truffles- the most expensive type of mushroom.

Although G-Dragon's preferences sound sophisticated, culinary experts would cringe if they knew how GD uses these ingredients in his cooking. The 'BIGBANG' star revealed: "Caviar is so easy to eat. I put it on pancakes." Chefs were shocked at this but had no idea they have to deal with another revelation.

G-Dragon said, "I came across a truffle store in Paris. I love truffles. I eat it with a fried egg. I've tasted it at a restaurant overseas serving it that way," Soompi quoted him as saying.

The chefs on the show were shocked at GD's cooking habits, and band member Taeyang shared some of their disbelief.

"I didn't know that G-Dragon prepared the top three delicacies of the world, but I recently found out on MBC's 'Infinity Challenge. When we went on the trip during the filming of 'Infinity Challenge,' G-Dragon brought truffles with him. He casually mixed the truffles in with his rice. However, as I saw him eat the truffles, I couldn't help but think that it wasn't the proper way to it," said Taeyang, according to Soompi.

Perhaps G-Dragon learnt a thing or two on the cooking show, "Please Take Care of My Refrigerator."

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