The much-awaited debut of Jon Moxley, aka Dean Ambrose, finally took place at the AEW's Double or Nothing and if the crowd response is anything to go by, this association will be keenly followed, such was the euphoria around the stage when he sauntered out to take on his opponents. 

Well, this is certainly not what Vince McMahon would have wanted. With the WWE ratings tanking, this success of the first show should get him rather worried. Also, if rumours are to be believed, CM Punk could well make his way to AEW as well. He is the most anticipated name in the wrestling world currently. 

We take a look at three big reasons as to why CM Punk could make this switch:

Fans absolutely love him

CM Punk, CM Punk WWE return, CM Punk UFC return, WWE, UFC, Jim Ross, Mike Jackson
CM Punk.Wikimedia Commons

This is the biggest reason why Punk could make this move. He is absolutely a crowd favourite and his transition from being on the most disliked heels to becoming one of the most loved faces of the company is legendary.

With Punk there is always an aura which can be marketed and hence, AEW would lap him out which also makes him endearing to the fans. He is brilliant with the microphone and can control the nerve of the fans which will make him a proper asset for AEW. 

A big fat paycheck

If the allure of being a crowd favourite is not tantalising, Punk could well receive a big fat paycheck. Tony Khan is a billionaire and, can pay huge amounts of money to wrestlers who sign up for AEW. 

Tony Khan has already made it clear that he wants Punk and hence, will give him the best possible remuneration package to rope in services. Being the fan favourite, getting the respect and then the money could well be a tight package for CM Punk to head this way.

Improving the status of AEW

chris jericho, wwe
Jericho is the biggest brandWikimedia Commons / Concerttour

WWE might be raking in a lot of money, but the product on offer is not making the fans happy at all and hence, if AEW steps in to fill this vacuum, it can be not only lucrative but can provide high-quality wrestling. 

They already have a superb roster with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Young Bucks, Adam Page, Kenny Omega offering the services. Chris Jericho is the big signing and now if Punk gets his deal, it will be a massive shot in the arm for AEW and Tony Khan.