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With nominations at the Critics Choice Awards and Golden Globes Awards, Big Little Lies is officially one of the best TV shows 2017 has seen. The hit miniseries created noise during its airing period and eventually got renewed last month for the second season.

The team revealed that they were working on a script with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman confirming their return. Supporting cast members Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz are also expected to join the second season.

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As exciting as that sounds, a false rumour is doing the rounds claiming that it will be long before fans of the hit show will get to see Big Little Lies season 2 returns and it is the cast to be blamed for the delay.

According to Australian magazine NW, numerous cast members and network executives are at war over higher pay scale for the second season which is holding back the filming.

"For those working on the show, it feels like the actors have been throwing their weight around. But it's quickly turning into more of a drama than the show itself," an insider claims.

This conflict has reportedly pushed back the production schedule causing a delay in kick-starting the second season. The report also adds that cast unavailability is also a cause of concern for Big Little Lies season 2.

Big Little Lies
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Witherspoon is occupied with the Apple series with Jennifer Aniston while Kidman is supposedly concerned about winning awards and recognition for her share of 2017 films, the dubious insider claims. "[Executive producer] David E. Kelley is at a loss over what to do. It will be a miracle if they can make each star happy enough to get the cameras rolling in time," the grapevine shared.

As concerning as this sounds, Gossip Cop clarifies that these claims are not true. The site's source assures fans that there is no such conflict taking place.

"The first instalment of the show was a huge success, so the primary cast members will likely be getting raises, but that isn't a point of contention for HBO. And although a production date has yet to be scheduled, spring 2018 is being eyed for the start of filming, prior to Witherspoon shooting her show with Aniston," the website reports.

An HBO insider also told the site that the network is "moving full steam ahead" on season two, and there's "no truth" to the claim otherwise.