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"Big Brother" opened its fresh season on CBS last night, and tonight fans would get to witness part two of the premiere episode as new house members would enter the show.

For those who are unaware of the format of the show, "Big Brother" is a reality TV show, where groups of people stay together in the 'Big Brother's house', which is isolated from rest of the world.

The contestants are given various tasks and they stay under constant surveillance. "Big Brother" is based on a Dutch TV series.

In yesterday's "Big Brother" season 16's first episode, eight members entered the house.

Paola – DJ from New York

Cody – Ex-soccer player from New Jersey

Frankie – Dance teacher from NY and the elder brother of pop-star Ariana Grande

Donny – Groundskeeper from North Carolina

Amber – Country girl from Tennessee

Nicole – "Big Brother" addict from Michigan

Devin – Single parent and an ex-pro baseball player from Texas

Joey – Make-up artist from Washington

In today's season 16 premiere part 2, another eight members  are expected to join.

Victoria – Professional photographer hailing from Israel

Jocasta – a minister and mother from Georgia

Hayden – a pedi-cab driver and surfer from Long Beach

Caleb – Country boy from Tennessee

Brittany –Mother of three and a divorcee from California

Christine –Barista from Arizona

Derrick – Police officer

Zach –Golf enthusiast

Apart from the contestants, there are many new things to look forward in "Big Brother" season 16. Most importantly, there would be some new rules in the new season, reported Christian Post.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Unlike season 15, there would be two Head of House (HOH) winners in the new season. Previously, HOH was given immunity for a week but in the new format, there would be an activity called Battle of Block, where HOH could be evicted.

Furthermore, "Big Brother" season 16 is said to be patterned on the format of "Survivor: Blood vs Water". As per the reports, the contestants form a team which would involve in a battle with a team including their own family members.

Regarding the new rules of the show, executive producer Allison Grodner suggested in her interview that the rules have been introduced to keep things fresh.

"We're always looking to keep things fresh and the show has been on long enough that a lot of the people we cast are die-hard fans, which is fabulous — we love having people in the house who aspire to be the next Will, the next Dan, tor the next Janelle," Grodner said to Buzz Feed.

"What we wanted to do was keep them on their toes. We want to take any sort of preconceived strategy and turn it on its ear, so these game twists are both fun and ultimately necessary to do that. Everyone counts on that HOH for safety and this year, that's not for sure."

"Big Brother" season 16 premiered on June 25, at 8 pm on CBS.