Who is in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year?
Who is in the Celebrity Big Brother house this year?

Tonight's episode of Big Brother season 20 will give viewers an idea on who will be winning the magical Veto power—Winston, Scottie or any other contestants. So far we saw how Kaitlyn laid a brilliant backdoor plan to eliminate Swaggy, who might need the Power of Veto to save her BB run.

So who are players competing for the Veto competition? Kaitlyn has chosen Faysal, Scottie picks at Rachel, and Winston lists Tyler. So that means Kaitlyn and Tyler's master plan to show Swaggy the doors is just one step away from reality. When Tyler won the competition (in the last episodes), he hatched a brilliant plan with Kaitlyn—save Scottie, as he's close to Swaggy, so that he will be loyal to him and will vote to backdoor Swaggy. The last episode ended with Swaggy making a promise in the Diary Room, "I'm gonna make everybody's life a living hell." Well, that looks like we can witness a chaotic eviction ahead.

Ever since the competition, Swaggy has been trying to secure votes in the house to save her seat. While it is still unclear whether he will be saved in the eliminations, we are sure that Tyler will vote to send Swaggy home. However, on Tuesday, we could see Tyler asking every contestant about Kaitlyn's power app. Remember, she can use her power app to save an evicted contestant to come back into the house.

On the other hand, though Sam has openly declared her new-found love for Swaggy (with whom she spent time post nominations), it is quite evident that she will not use her app to save Swaggy. She even assured Tyler and Kaitlyn that she would use her power according to their instructions.

Well, everything hints more trouble for Swaggy in the coming days! Can he save herself from the eviction this week? Watch this space for more interesting spoilers and updates.