"Big Brother 17" (BB17) finally come to an end on Wednesday when Steve Moses was crowned winner of the season.

The 22-year-old college student from New York beat 16 houseguests in the show to win the $500,000 prize. He was pitted against Vanessa Rousso and Liz Nolan in the finale.

Steve, Vanessa and Liz took on an endurance game wherein they have to sign on a giant apple for as long as possible. Steve was the first to fall before Vanessa tricked Liz to give up. But Steve beat Liz in the second round that involved solving a crossword puzzle while climbing a wall.

Then Steve beat Vanessa in the third competition of the finale, which meant he was not only through to the finals but also had the power who he should take on in the final two. As expected, he chose Liz.

The three were then placed before the jury who fielded group questions. The votes were then locked and Steve was eventually announced winner of Big Brother season 17.

It was earlier reported that the show was fixed and tailor-made for Vanessa with the aim of promoting her upcoming TV show "Poker Face" on CBS but that was proved wrong. She was no doubt the favourite to win the show but she seemed to have dug her own grave by playing too many manipulative games with co-houseguests.

Earlier in the show, Vanessa made a deal with Austin Matelson to go to the final together but she, as the Head of Household (HoH), chose John McGuire instead and send Austin home. She also made "Final Two" deals with both Liz and John but sent the latter home.

It was clear that she wanted to get rid of Steve but her plans failed terribly after her biggest rival earned the power to choose the houseguest he wanted to face in the final two. He had no reason to pick Vanessa as she was not only a strong competitor but also a manipulator. He chose Liz and eventually walked away with the $500,000 prize.