It seems the name of the winner of "Big Brother 17" (USA) is already written on the wall. At least that's what finale spoilers say. It is rumoured that Vanessa Rousso is guaranteed to win the season.

According to a report by CelebDirtyLaundry that cited a source, the game of the reality show was fixed to ensure that Vanessa Rousso gets to the end of the game. Johnny Mac, who was evicted this week, had earlier claimed that Vanessa couldn't lose the competition and thought that "she was guaranteed to win the game".

It is not fair to go by the claims of Johnny as there is a chance of him hitting out at Vanessa knowing that he would be evicted from the show.

However, it may be noted that the same website had earlier reported about a cameraman on the sets of "Big Brother 17" (BB17) claiming that the whole show was fixed for Vanessa to win with the aim of promoting her TV show "Poker Face' on CBS.

The source went on to claim that she was informed of what to expect in the house, thus giving her a huge advantage.

Johnny Mac was evicted again from the show this week. Vanessa will go to the final HoH (Head of Household) on the finale night, while Steve and Liz will have to battle out again later this week.

"Big Brother 17" finale will be telecasted at 9:30pm, Wednesday, 23 September on CBS.