Friends turn foes and vis versa in reality television shows as they compete against each other to win the title, so it won't come as a surprise when you see twists and turns in the ongoing "Big Brother 17" (BB17) USA.

Spoilers of the show have it that finalists, Vanessa Rousso, Steve Moses and Liz Nolan will do all they can to win the $500,000 prize in the finale episode to be telecast on Wednesday. It is reported that Vanessa will plot against Steve by aligning with Liz in her quest to win.

Vanessa won the first challenge of the finals but Steve won the second one, which made them rivals, at least on papers. They had earlier worked together to survive in the competition but it may take a different turn this time around now they are pitted against each other.

It seems Vanessa thinks Steve has the potential to beat her in the finale, so she will break alliance with him and make a pack with Liz to make sure that they become the last two houseguests to remain in the competition this season.

Interestingly, a report by CelebDirtyLaundry has claimed that the reality show was fixed. It reported that Vanessa will be the winner and the move is to promote her upcoming TV show "Poker Face" on CBS. 

However, nothing is certain now with all the three finalists -- Vanessa Rousso, Steve Moses and Liz Nolan – having equal chance to win the $500,000 prize.

"Big Brother 17" finale will be telecast at 9:30pm, Wednesday, 23 September on CBS.