"Big Brother 17" (BB17) is finally coming to an end with three finalists -- Vanessa Rousso, Steve Moses and Liz Nolan -- competing in Wednesday's finale episode. The winner of the show will walk away with $500,000 prize.

The Big Brother USA season 17 finale is going to be interesting, as all the finalists have won competitions and seem to be determined to win. Vanessa is a smart player but Steve and Liz have turned out stronger than expected and could well win the title.

"Big Brother 17" finale live streaming information:

BB17 finale will be telecast at 9:30pm ET, Wednesday, 23 September on CBS. It will also be live streamed on CBS official website.

Looking back at the show, Vanessa as the Head of Household (HoH) shocked everyone by sending Austin Matelson instead of John McGuire. In fact, she broke the pack with Austin to go to the final together. She had also made "Final Two" deals with both Liz and John but she sent the latter home last week.

Now, will Vanessa play one more clever game with Liz and sideline Steve in the final with an eye on winning the show? Whatever the outcome, they will have to go through the jury. Anybody can be the winner of BB17.