"Big Brother 17" (BB17) has reached its final stage. Finalists Vanessa Rousso, Steve and Liz will compete against each other for the $500,000 prize in the finale episode on Wednesday.

The spoilers suggest that it will be an epic finale. 

"Big Brother 17" (USA) 2015 Spoilers:

Vanessa, Steve and Liz will play a tough endurance game, "How 'Bout Them Apples", during the finale. They will swing on "giant apples that will dip them into candy before crashing into walls." A sneak peek of the finale episode was shown in Sunday's episode.

According to a report by Big Brother Network, Steve was seen rehearsing a possible final eviction speech. Surprisingly, he kept praising his biggest threat, Vanessa. 

"Vanessa, you have played the most brilliant game. I mean this as a student and superfan of this game. As a student of this game, you are the most brilliant female player this game has ever seen. Based on what I have seen, you just might be the single most brilliant female player that this game has ever seen," said Steve, according to the site.

In a report by CelebDirtyLaundry, sources claimed that the reality show was fixed and that Vanessa will be the winner. It claimed that the move was to promote her upcoming TV show, "Poker Face", on CBS. 

Who do you think will win "Big Brother 17"?

"Big Brother 17" finale will be telecast on Wednesday, 23 September, at 9:30 pm on CBS.