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Next week's episode of "Big Brother 16" will once again see the final five playing the Head of Household competition. Frankie won the challenge last week but it took a twist with the inclusion of Rewind Button, erasing the entire events of the week.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Week 12 will once again see contestants playing HOH and it's doubtful if Frankie will win this time. Caleb may win the competition, according to live feed by Jokers Update.

If Caleb wins, things may stay pretty much the same for other members as they were last week when Frankie had won. Cody will be the lucky one to don the dinosaur suit while Victoria will be at risk. Frankie wll also come on the hot spot as Cody and Derrick may plan to kick him out.

Derrick may target Frankie and even try to convince Cody in a plot to ditch him. Power of Veto competition may also come into play which can turn around the game. Frankie won the POV last week but Derrick may fight for the special position in the upcoming week, according to a report by Inquisitr.

It is also being said that Frankie has all the chances of going to the judges next week. Caleb being the HOH may stay safe and it is still not known who he will nominate for elimination.

The finale of "Big Brother 16" is scheduled for 24 September. One of the final five contestants will be evicted on Tuesday and the HOH will be revealed on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Christine Brecht who was evicted earlier this month, said in an interview that she could have stayed longer if she hadn't "showed dislike" towards Frankie. She clearly suggested that Frankie is dominating "BB16."

Brecht did not say goodbye to anybody while leaving the house and this created quite a stir.

"As a superfan, I always hated when people hugged the people who just back stabbed them. I am not a fake person in reality, so I couldn't hug any of them," she told Cartermatt.

She also talked about her experience in the Big Brother's house, saying that it was one of the most wonderful experiences of her life and that she would not trade it for anything in the world.