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"The Big Bang Theory" will return for the rest of season 8 on Thursday with the episode "The Space Probe Disintegration."

The episode will see Leonard and Sheldon taking the girls out shopping, and the roommates will have a heart-to-heart talk while the girls try out new clothes. One topic of discussion will be the sacrifices they have made for one another, and their talk will end with Sheldon revealing he can't think of a future without Leonard in it.

This, according to spoilers, is one reason why Sheldon panicked and ran away when Leonard and Penny got engaged and spoke about moving in together.

The episode will also see Leonard and Penny taking the next step forward in their relationship, which will be deciding their living arrangements now that they are engaged.

The official synopsis of the episode reads: "When the guys finally agree to do something the girls like, it leads to a confrontation between Leonard and Sheldon. Wolowitz tries to distract Raj, who is anxiously awaiting data from a space probe he helped launch. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Leonard go dress shopping with Penny and Amy."

Executive producer of the show Steve Molaro recently spoke to TVLine about the future of Penny-Leonard relationship stating that the writers of the show "aren't in a rush for a Leonard and Penny wedding." But he did note that the couple will sort out "future living arrangements regarding Sheldon."

When questioned about Sheldon's relationship with Amy, the executive producer said: "We are discovering the show, the relationships, the problems, as we go along. It's more a discovery process than a planning one."

Meanwhile, fans of the comedy series are not too happy with the pace or storylines being explored in season 8, and one commentator described the season as "same stories repeating in different format."

"Loved the show for a long time but i think they need to add a bit more of a story to the episodes," another noted.

Referring to the basket weaving segment shown in the season 8 episode 12 trailer, another fans wrote: "First... Victorian X-mas. Now... basket weaving. Trying to put humor into a boring activity doesn't make it any less boring to watch."