The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory cast on a poster of the show.Facebook/The Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons' decision to call time on his character, Sheldon Cooper, has resulted in the makers pulling the plug on The Big Bang Theory.

It's unfortunate that the longest-running multi-camera series will cease to exist in just a few months time. Fans are devastated and so is the cast. Everyone is still reeling from the news.

But, all's not lost. Parsons may have turned down a handsome 50 million USD deal with the network to play Cooper for another two seasons, but the rest of the cast is available. Screenrant thinks the creative team could find a way to place the other characters – Penny, Leonard, Howard, Bernadette and Raj – in a spin-off.

The idea isn't too far-fetched especially after Kunal Nayyar very recently tossed the idea of a spin-off, where he'd be fat and single. Maybe he was joking with the Comic-Con crowd, but the situation was a tad different at the time. No one had an inkling Big Bang Theory was coming to an end.

Consider if there were to be a spin-off of the show, what could it be about? Penny and Leonard's story: there's not much to explore there. We have seen them go through the highs and lows of their relationship and marriage. But, there might be a story arc once the couple decides to have a baby.

Penny and Leonard are poles apart and don't seem to agree on most things, especially the latter's nerdy way of seeing things. And what would happen if a ditzy couple such as them decided to bring in a new life into their family of two?

Another story arc could follow Howard and Raj's bromance. These two have been extremely friendly, at times a little too friendly for Howard's wife Bernadette. But, she's come to terms with it. It would be interesting to see how this couple handles a close friend, who is single and is constantly latching on to them.

The Big Bang Theory is scheduled to air its 12th and final season on September 24. The CBS Network and producer Chuck Lorre have promised an "epic creative close" to the show's millions of fan.