The couples on "The Big Bang Theory" are all moving on in their lives, except Sheldon and Amy, who are yet to move on from their split.

Sheldon is still pining for Amy but she is still adamant about not wanting to be his girlfriend anymore, and Monday's episode, "The Perspiration Implementation", will see Sheldon struggling to let Amy go.

Reportedly, Barry Kripke will express an interest in dating Amy now that she is single, and this will upset Sheldon so much that he will take out his frustration on Kripke by unnecessarily critiquing his teaching methods. Sheldon also challenges Kripke to a duel.

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers will see the girls helping Stuart attract more female customers to his shop, and in the course of his conversation with Amy, Stuart starts believing that Amy is interested in him.

So who will suit Amy more – Stuart or Kripke? Based on fans' comments on spoiler forums, both these characters are popular, but they do not want Amy to be with anyone other than Sheldon. Despite his condescending nature and weird antics, Sheldon's innocence seems to have won over a lot of fans, who believe Amy is his perfect partner.

It remains to be seen if the duo will ever reconcile, but according to the extended plot summary of "The Perspiration Implementation," the two have a lot of unresolved feelings.

The official synopsis for "The Perspiration Implementation" reads:

The guys take a fencing lesson from Barry Kripke and Sheldon finds himself in an awkward position when Kripke expresses interest in Amy. Also, when Stuart struggles to get female customers at the Comic Book Store, Penny, Amy and Bernadette come by to help him out, on The Big Bang Theory.

"The Big Bang Theory" airs Mondays on CBS.