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The third episode of "The Big Bang Theory" season 9 is entitled "The Bachelor Party Corrosion" and it will see the guys throwing a bachelor party for Leonard. However, their plans are ruined when they have a flat tire, and later Howard accidentally burns the van.

The girls, too, are having a bachelorette party of sorts, and they discuss Penny and Leonard's current living arrangement. Although the duo got married in episode 1 of the series, they are yet to move in together. Penny also tells the girls that she hasn't told her family about her marriage.

This prompts Amy to confess that she, too, hasn't told her mother about breaking up with Sheldon.

The synopsis of "The Bachelor Party Corrosion" reads:

The girls throw Penny a mini-bachelorette party. Penny calls her Dad about getting married and Amy calls her mother about Sheldon. The guys take Leonard to Mexico for a bachelor party and can't change their tire when they have a flat.

As for what's in store for Amy and Sheldon, actress Mayim Bialik recently told E!Online that her character is gearing up to enter the dating world once again. "I'm asked a lot, who would I like Amy to go out with, and we actually have some very interesting stuff coming up in that arena."

The actress continued: "Some people think we should go super hunky, really against type from what Sheldon is and from what we think of Amy, but part of me also feels like it's OK to keep it a little bit real in that someone like Amy probably would pursue someone—not that attractive people can't be intellectual—but pursue someone in her field, who generally speaking, might not be that concerned with appearance."

"The Big Bang Theory" airs Mondays on CBS.