Sheldon and Penny
Sheldon and PennyTwitter/The Big Bang Theory

The upcoming season of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" is expected to pick up from where the last season left off, with Penny and Leonard on their way to Las Vegas to get married, and Amy deciding to take a break from Sheldon.

At this point, it is unsure if Leonard and Penny will get to the chapel and exchange vows, as Penny isn't too pleased with Leonard's confession that he kissed a colleague while on an expedition to the North Sea.

Chances are Penny will call off the wedding, but she won't break up with Leonard. Also, a number of reports claim that the grand Leonard-Penny wedding will probably take place in season 10 or 11.

As for what's in store for Amy and Sheldon, actress Mayim Bialik, who plays the quirky Amy, said the two will be seen getting back together. The season 8 finale saw Amy deciding to take a break from Sheldon after being dissatisfied with the pace of their relationship.

After five long years, the two had professed their love for one another, and Sheldon quickly got used to holding hands and making out. But their relationship had not progressed past that, and Amy was getting tired of waiting for Sheldon to make a move.

This is one of the reasons why Amy wanted to step back and analyse their relationship, and the next season will see Amy very much a part of Sheldon's life.

"I don't know if I consider it breaking up. The writers were very specific with the language that they used. Amy needed some time, she needed to step back," she said during an interview with Gold Derby. "The way I see it, this is a sense of breathing space and the relationship allows for that," said Bialik during the interview.

She added: "I think what's interesting and kind of sweet and what should not be lost on people is we don't pathologise our characters. We don't talk about medicating them or even really changing them."