Thursday's episode of "The Big Bang Theory" saw a disappointed Sheldon returning to his apartment after he finds Amy kissing someone goodnight.

Sheldon had gone over to Amy's with the purpose of proposing to her, but Amy appears to have moved on in life. And based on the synopsis of the upcoming episode entitled "The Mystery Date Observation", Sheldon is committed to doing the same. He seeks Raj and Howard's help to find a new girlfriend, as the duo was responsible for Sheldon meeting Amy.

According to a leaked description of the episode, Howard and Raj will try something innovative so that Sheldon could find his perfect partner this time around. They set up a scavenger hunt type challenge where Sheldon's potential girlfriend will have to successfully complete all the challenges before she is given Sheldon's contact details.

Only one girl completes the challenge, but because she does not complete the tasks before 10 pm, as was the rule, Sheldon shuts the door on her face.

As for Amy, her second date with Dave does not go as planned. Dave turns out to be a Sheldon fan, and he spends his time with Amy finding out more about his hero, and this irritates Amy.

"Finally, Amy is in her car with Dave at the end of her date and she ends things with him. He says that at least he kissed someone who had kissed Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Amy then kicks him out of her car," the leaked description reads.

The official synopsis for the episode reads:

Amy has a formal date which Penny and Bernadette and a reluctant Leonard, secretly spy on. Sheldon has Howard and Raj help him find a new girlfriend since they found Amy for him.

"The Big Bang Theory" is aired Thursdays on CBS.