Monday's episode of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" will see Amy trying to move on post her breakup with Sheldon by dating other men.

The episode is entitled "The Helium Insufficiency" and will see the group desperately trying to set up Amy with someone. Stuart gives them the idea of a dating app, and the gang gets surprised to see Amy's profile already listed there.

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers will see Sheldon and Leonard trying to buy some liquid Helium from Barry Kripke after some Swedish scientists try to steal their Superfluid Helium idea.

The official synopsis for "The Helium Insufficiency" reads:

Sheldon and Leonard find out that some Swedish scientists are trying to steal their Superfluid Helium idea and they unsuccessfully try to obtain some helium from Barry Kripke. The rest of the gang decide it is time to set Amy up on some dates and want to enter her info into a dating app, only they find out Amy has been already out on the dating scene without their help.

Fans are eager to find out when Amy and Sheldon will finally confess their true feelings, and according to spoilers doing the rounds, they don't have to wait for long.

Reportedly, next Monday's episode entitled "The Spock Resonance" will see Sheldon revealing the origin of the ring he was holding in the season 8 finale of the CBS comedy.

Sheldon confesses to Leonard and Penny that he got the ring, a family heirloom, with the purpose of proposing to Amy. But she broke up with him before he could do so.

"The Spock Resonance" will also see Sheldon rushing to Amy's apartment to find out if they could restart their relationship. However, Amy seems to have moved on, as Sheldon sees her kissing another guy.

The official synopsis for "The Spock Resonance" reads:

Wil Wheaton interviews Sheldon for a Star Trek documentary where he reveals the ring and his plan to propose to Amy. Bernadette wants to start renovating the house and the topic of finally starting a family with Howard is brought up.

 "The Big Bang Theory" is aired Mondays on CBS. Click here to watch the episode online.