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Thursday's episode of "The Big Bang Theory" will see the gang paying one last tribute to the late Mrs Wolowitz by enjoying the last meal she ever cooked.

The episode titled "The Leftover Thermalization," will see Raj accompanying Howard to his mother's house to sort out her things. He soon finds the last meal cooked by his mother stocked in the kitchen refrigerator, and Howard decides to call all his friends for a dinner when the loss of electricity causes her freezer to defrost.

Taking stock of all the food they have -- three briskets, meatloaf, ravioli, and a tub of matzo ball soup – Howard gets emotional, and Bernadette comforts him by saying she'll be strong if he is.

But things soon get heated up when Leonard and Sheldon arrive for dinner with Penny and Amy.

Early on in the episode it is shown that an article is published regarding the paper that Leonard and Sheldon have been working on. But only Sheldon is cited as the lead author, and this irks Leonard.

The two roommates have a verbal spat regarding this at the farewell dinner Howard has organised, forcing Bernadette to scream at them. She sounds similar to Mrs Wolowitz, and Howard even asks others if they have noticed the similarity. But they disagree.

Interestingly, this is not the first time parallels have been drawn between Bernadette and Mrs Wolowitz. As "The Big Bang Theory" fans have noticed, Bernadette and Mrs Wolowitz share a number of similar qualities, which include a tendency to yell and effortlessly manipulate Howard without him suspecting a thing.

Bernadette also sounds very similar to Howard's mother when she gets angry, and this is something Howard previously found sexy. "She sounds sexy when she's angry," Howard said in a previous episode.

But Thursday's episode will be the first time that Howard will be commenting on how similar his wife sounds to his late mother.

However, this is not the first time a character has mistaken Bernadette for Howard's mother. According to Big Bang Theory wikia, Sheldon mistakes Bernadette's voice for Mrs. Wolowitz in "The Good Guy Fluctuation," and even called the similarity unsettling.

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