Mayim Bialik
Actress Mayim Bialik poses at the 4th annual Critics' Choice Television Awards in Beverly Hills, California June 19, 2014.Reuters

With just more than a week to go before season eight of "The Big Bang Theory" premieres, stars of the comedy series have been dishing out spoilers, which hint at interesting storylines for all the major characters.

For instance, Raj and Emily will still be a couple, and they will be shown enjoying the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

"He's very much in the giddy, 'OK, I have a girlfriend and she's really cute and she likes me phase. And I get to see her naked,'" showrunner Steve Molaro was quoted as saying by TV Line. "They are still in the honeymoon of that. And as we got through the season, we will explore more of her personality and what she's really like."

As for Sheldon and Amy, their relationship too is set to grow, but without any physical intimacy. The premiere, which is going to be a one-hour special, is expected to show Amy taking a trip to Arizona to pick up Sheldon, and Mayim Bialik, who plays Penny, told ETOnline that the succeeding episode is going to be Amy-centric.

"The second episode has me trying to put Penny and Bernadette against each other so that I can benefit from both of their friendships," the 38-year-old actress dished, adding that the group's dynamics will change now that Penny has taken up a job in Bernadette's firm.

"I think it's going to be a great opportunity to have some of that playfulness, and shifting roles in our dynamic," Bialik revealed. "I'm told that there is an opportunity for us to poke fun at her for being too studious when she's preparing for the new job in a couple of episodes and that will be really funny."

As for her character's relationship with Sheldon, the actress said that although it was progressing only at a snail's pace, their romance proves that there is someone for everyone.

"I think it's really great that we can break some of those boundaries of what people think relationships are supposed to be—especially on television," she said. "Name me another couple that has been this committed and intimate without having sex, I think it's something that is really sweet."

Check out the synopsis of the first two episodes.

Episode one is titled "The Locomotion Interruption" and it will feature Leonard and Amy taking an unexpected road trip to Arizona to pick up Sheldon. "Meanwhile, Penny interviews for a job at Bernadette's company, and Howard is weirded out by Stuart's relationship with Mrs. Wolowitz."

In the next episode, titled "The Junior Professor Solution," Sheldon will be forced to teach a class, and Howard will be one of his students.