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"The Big Bang Theory," which returned from a short break last week, is once again going on a hiatus before it airs its next episode titled "The Anxiety Optimization." The next few weeks will see repeats of previous episodes, and a new one will be aired only on 29 January, reports noted.

The hiatus, according to Carter Matt, is because show executives "want to save certain episodes until May" and this will result in more breaks in season 8.

As for the next episode, the official synopsis states that Sheldon will seek his friends' help to increase his anxiety level in a bid to improve his work performance, and "Howard starts guessing whether Raj 's random comments are about Emily or his dog."

As for what to expect in the rest of the season, "The Big Bang Theory" Steve Molaro previously told the media that fans will have to wait a bit longer to see Penny and Leonard getting hitched.

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He told TVLine that writers "aren't in a rush for a Leonard and Penny wedding," and the upcoming episodes will focus on "future living arrangements regarding Sheldon." The previous episode, "The Space Probe Disintegration," saw Sheldon agreeing to let Leonard move in with Penny, but under the condition that they do so in phases and not rush into living together full time.

"I'm not upset," Sheldon insisted after Leonard brought up that fact that it was because of Sheldon that he hasn't moved in with Penny. "I'm just imagining a world without my best friend in it!"

Meanwhile, when asked about the future of Sheldon-Amy relationship, Molaro noted: "We are discovering the show, the relationships, the problems, as we go along. It's more a discovery process than a planning one."

The death of Carol Ann Susi, who voiced Mrs Wolowitz, will also be addressed. "The death of Carol will be dealt with," Molaro said. "We just needed time to process the loss of our friend."