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"The Big Bang Theory" is once again going on a short hiatus before it airs its next episode titled "The Comic Book Store Regeneration." As the title suggests, the episode deals with Stuart reopening his comic book store, which was burnt down in a fire in the finale of season 7.

The show has been on a number of breaks since the beginning of the season, and according to Carter Matt, this might have something to do with the producers' intention to save some episodes until May.

"There will most likely be another hiatus in March and possibly in April, since the show wants to also have another run of consecutive episodes in May," the spoiler website noted.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode is expected to be an emotional one as it will pay tribute to Carol Ann Susi.

Susi, who garnered rave reviews for voicing Mrs Wolowitz, passed away on 11 November after battling cancer, and her "The Big Bang Theory" character will also die in the next episode. According to spoilers, Mrs Wolowitz will die in her sleep while visiting one of her relatives in Florida.

"The Comic Book Store Regeneration" will also have "Castle" actor Nathan Fillion in a cameo as himself. The episode will have Raj and Leonard see Fillion, who has starred in "Firefly", sitting at a restaurant and they debate whether it is him and if they should ask him for a picture.

Elsewhere in the episode, Amy will once again start working with monkeys and performing experiments on her friends, and Howard getting into a fight with Stuart after he finds Mrs Wolowitz's furniture in Stuart's newly opened comic book store.

The synopsis of the episode reads: "Amy is helping Barry Kripke and doing experiments on her friends. Stuart reopens his comic book store, while Howard gets the news of the death of his mother."

"The Big Bang Theory" season 8 episode 15 will air on CBS on 19 February.