The Big Bang Theory
Pictured: A scene from The Big Bang Theory.Facebook/The big bang theory

Despite the initial adjustment issues, The Big Bang Theory couple Amy and Sheldon's living experiment seems to be working out well for them, and this will spark Sheldon's desire to commit to a longterm arrangement with his girlfriend.

According to spoilers swirling around, this week's episode will see Sheldon thinking about having a baby with Amy. It remains to be seen if his desire for children is just an experiment or if he really wants to take things forward with Amy.

Thursday's episode is titled The Brain Bowl Incubation and the episode will see Sheldon and Amy taking part in a science experiment. The synopsis for the episode reads: "After Amy and Sheldon combine their DNA in an experiment, Sheldon wants to have coitus with Amy to procreate who is reluctant to immediately have a child."

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers will see Raj once again getting back into the dating game. But he will hide this bit of information from his friends as his first date will be with a cleaner.

Kunal Nayyar, the actor who plays Raj in the sitcom, recently opened up to the Hindustan Times about being a part of the show for 10 long seasons, saying he was living an actor's dream.

"I am living the dream of an actor. To be in a project in which the quality of writing is exceptional and the chemistry between the cast is so amazing is any actor's dream. I am more motivated now because I am sure the end will come at some point and I want to soak everything in," he said.
The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays on CBS.