Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
Actress Kaley Cuoco poses at the 21st annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles, California October 20, 2014.Reuters

"The Big Bang Theory" actress Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting recently gave hope to fans who have been disappointed with her new look, when she changed her Facebook profile picture with a photo that showed her with long flowing locks.

Soon after, a number of her fans started posting comments appreciating her look, and many even expressed a desire to see her with long locks on "The Big Bang Theory," season 8.

"PLEASE!!!!! Grow ur hair long again!!! Ur still beautiful but just think the longer hair is a better look......." wrote a fan. "Penny's got her hair back and now I can watch the show this Thursday night. I had to quit when she cut her hair off; if its short I will stop watching gain," added another.

"Looks a lot better than that stupid short haircut and high neckline blouses that she's wearing on this season's Big Bang Theory which totally ruined her character of the sexy girl who lived next door," said yet another fan.

Sadly, Cuoco-Sweeting's character, Penny, won't be sporting long hair on the show, as the picture that was uploaded on her social networking site was from the 61st Emmy Awards, which took place five years ago. A perusal of her Instagram account revealed that the actress is still sporting the pixie cut, which a majority of the fans have come to hate.

Cuoco-Sweeting chopped off her locks over the summer for a movie she was filming in New Mexico, and although she suggested using hair extensions while reprising her role as Penny, the producers of "The Big Bang Theory" shot down the offer.

Her husband, Ryan Sweeting, was also supportive. "I actually asked him before I did it, because a lot of guys aren't quite sure about the short hair," she told Ellen DeGeneres. "And he was totally cool, he said 'go ahead and do it,' not 'go ahead' but 'do whatever you want' and he loves it, he loves it. His hair is longer than mine now, which is so ridiculous," reported Enstarz.

As for all the backlash she has been receiving, Cuoco-Sweeting doesn't let criticism bother her. In September, she answered her haters with an Instagram post that read, "A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of the sheep."