Me Too: T-Series Chairman Bhushan Kumar denies asking woman for sexual favours
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After the stupendous success of T-Series, artist Jubin Nautiyal's last single 'Humnava Mere' which received more than 153 million views on YouTube , Bhushan Kumar has once again in his endeavour to promote independent music decided to encourage the talented singer for his latest single 'Chitthi'

The new single talks of a sentiment where two lovers are separated by circumstances beyond their control.

In this Khajan Dutt Sharma composed song, music directed by Rocky-Shiv and produced by Aditya Dev with lyrics by Kumaar, Jubin takes you through high emotional intensity of unfulfilled love of two childhood sweethearts forced to stay apart because the parents of the girl decide to move to Dubai city.

Music video director Robby Singh says, "What we have shown in 'Chitthi' is something that I have seen from close quarters in my hometown in Punjab. I know of so many aborted love stories that happened because of human migration. In several ways this is the story of small towns where people are forced to relocate in search of a better livelihood and lifestyle and they lose touch with their old relations. I know of people like that in UP. Jubin told me that he knows of several such people from his hometown Uttarakhand."

Singh adds, "We also wanted to bring about the emotions and feeling of the good old days when lovers wrote letters to each other to express what was in their heart. We have attempted to capture that innocence in 'Chitthi'. That is not possible in today's day of modern communications."

Says Jubin, "Before Humnava, I was still trying to figure what is that people want from me through my music. The response I got for Humnava was tremendous. People liked what I brought to them through a song about unrequited love. It's also something that I have experienced firsthand. A lot of people wrote to me saying that they wanted more of it. Through my new single 'Chitthi' I have tried to give my fans something more in that space."

Actor Akanksha Puri, who plays Jubin's love interest in 'Chitthi' offers, "I was very happy to essay this character because it gave me an opportunity to do something which was very different from what I have been doing on TV. The video is shot in a way that will remind you of a certain old world charm that is hard to find in today's modern life."

Bhushan Kumar points out, "Jubin is one of the finest talents of our country. With his rendition of 'Chitthi' he brings forth the pain of a heartbreak so beautifully. May I add that he seems to have perfected his acting skills with every video that he has featured in the last one year. I am sure his fans will not be disappointed."

When asked about the most challenging part of shooting for 'Chitthi', without batting an eye-lid Jubin says, "The only challenge was to re-live some very painful moments." 'Chitthi' will be out on YouTube on March 6.