After the massive success of "Thani Oruvan", Jayam Ravi is back with "Bhooloham", which is also spelled as "Boologam" or "Bhoologam". The movie hits screens worldwide on Thursday, 24 December.

Boooloham Movie Stills

"Bhooloham" is Jayam Ravi's fourth release in 2015 after "Romeo Juliet", "Sakalakala Vallavan" and "Thani Oruvan". The film is different from the releases that he had this year as it projects him in a never-seen-before avatar. Jayam Ravi will be seen as a boxer and his dedication is out there to see. The trailer and other promotional materials have captured the imagination of the audience.

The latest movie was in cold storage for some time and was supposed to be released a year ago, but some financial issues postponed the release. Yet, the delay has not had much impact on the film, as people are curious about it. Jayam Ravi has paired up with Trisha Krishnan, who plays the character of is Gowri Sindhu in the flick.

Versatile actor Prakash Raj, Nathan Jones, Ponvanna and others are in the supporting cast. "Bhooloham" is written by SP Jananathan and directed by Kalyanakrishnan. Srikanth Deva has composed the music, SR Sarath Kumar has handled the cinematography and the editing department is jointly handled by VJ Vijayan and N Ganeshkumar. The film is produced by Aascar Ravichandran, who produced the biggest movie of the year in the form of "I" starring Vikram and Amy Jackson.

The story is set in North Chennai between two groups, which lock horns for a celebrated boxing title for ages. Bhooloham (Jayam Ravi) belongs to the one group called Nattu Marundhu Vaidhiyar. In the process, we are told about that the hero's father was also a boxer and committed suicide after losing a prestigious match. The matches of both the teams excite people because the members of the teams will fiercely fight on streets if they come face to face on the eve of their matches. At some stage, the situations are smartly used by Deepak Shah (Prakash Raj), a media CEO, to boost his TRPs. The remaining part of the story is how the crooked CEO of the TV channel exploits the innocence of the boxers.

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 2.5

Find the audience response for the movie below:

Karthik Dhandapani posted

Best thing abt #Bhooloham is d immense research Dir Kalyanakrishnan has done & sharp dialogues of Jhananathan that hits on commercialisation
@trishtrashers in a good role as #Bhooloham 's lover & wife provides moral & technical support to him throughout.
@actor_jayamravi with his mannerisms, style & physique very convincingly wins over. His Dancing' #Bhooloham style is a treat to watch
#Bhooloham @actor_jayamravi has gone into the skin of the character physically & mentally. He is raw, refines & has put in sheer hard work!

Ck Mohammed posted

Intermission! Racy, pakka commercial! #Bhooloham @actor_jayamravi @trishtrashers
#Bhooloham : Sathyam Cinemas turns into Udhayam, Semma response for all @actor_jayamravi dialogues as a local boxer, KNOCKOUT! #tharalocal
#Bhooloham : Pakka commercial local film, #Jayamravi is fitting as local boxer, punches all over, mass masala mixed throughout, enjoyable!
#Bhooloham : commercial local film, @actor_jayamravi is fitting as local boxer, punches all over, mass masala mixed throughout, enjoyable!

Vignesh Kandaswamy posted

#Bhooloham - Music is a big big negative. One of the worst songs in recent times. Ravi keeps the movie tall at some instances.
#Bhooloham - Interval - Good intention but bad execution as of now. Barring few moments, the movie is tiring so far. Jayam ravi is good.

Parvez ashmi wrote

#Bhooloham 1st half @actor_jayamravi stick to the role perfectly, did much hardwork to get fit. Getting applause for many scene's.
#Bhooloham @actor_jayamravi does justice to his role. @trishtrashers looks good and the chemistry between both is cool quite engaging.
#Bhooloham time nw Hope it will satisfy us, Great expectations after the huge blockbuster of #Thanioruvan @actor_jayamravi @trishtrashers

Sreedhar Pillai ‏Tweeted

#Bhooloham 2.75/5. Downside - Long time it has taken 4 film 2 b shot & released shows. It could have been crisper.
#Bhooloham 2.75/5.Climax well taken, @prakashraaj bad guy act terrific Nathan Jones bit of a joke. Ravi has worked hard & it shows on screen
#Bhooloham 2.75/5. fast,furious & focused. No songs thrust in. Scene between Ravi & @trishtrashers after pulling down shutter is a scream.
#Bhooloham 2.75/5.Racy sports based entertainer #Kalyan, knockout performance @actor_jayamravi an angry boxer who exposes TRP crazy networ

Ramesh wrote

#Bhooloham [3/5]: Nathan Jones adds authenticity to the movie.. Dir did a gud job with 2nd half.. 1st Half is a let-down.. Guys will lyk it
#Bhooloham [3/5]: @trishtrashers has played dutiful girlfriend/wife role well.. @prakashraaj 's confrontatn scene with Ravi gets applause
#Bhooloham [3/5]: @actor_jayamravi has lived da title role.. Tanned, toned and getting the Boxer body language and North Chennai slang right
#Bhooloham [3/5]: A mix of North Chennai 's local boxing culture with international flavour and #SPJananathan 's anti-Globalization crusade
#Bhooloham 1st Half : @actor_jayamravi literally lives da role of a North Chennai local boxer.. A twist at interval.. Lookin forward to 2nd