Bhavya Narang and Nitish Sharma
Bhavya Narang and Nitish Sharma

We all need some people who can recommend us with perfect places to stay, eat, chill, travel etc.

Influencers are people with the strength to have an effect on the eating, traveling and shopping behavior of others with the aid of using social media structures like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and other social media handles.

The duo Bhavya Narang and Nitish Sharma are an influencer blogger couple. They try to create engaging content for their followers. They provide their social media handles with different types of blogs and videos.

From 2015 they started blogging. That time this was not in trend. That time they just wrote food reviews after exploring new food joints, restaurants and lounges.

Now, the couple post about travel, food (both street and luxury), fitness and ofcourse relationship goals.

They choose a unique way to make their content attractive and unique. And they are loved for their uniqueness. With all this love, they now have become social media influencers.

From Delhi's famous street food to fine dining, they capture it all.

They share their daily updates and food photos with their followers. Their feed is filled with mouth-watering delicacies which are sure to get you drooling as they give you food recommendations and take you on a foodie journey with them!

Till now Bhavya has been featured in more than 60 countrywide newspapers and famous magazines like Femina, Delhi Times, HT City, Navbharat Times etc. She also claims to have collaborated with more than 1500 brands and reviewed over one thousand restaurants and dining places in and around Delhi, NCR in the last 6 years.

The couple is not only Social media influencers but also own an Event management company called 'Plan-It-Events'. The main motto of this company is to plan every event with style and joy.

Their love for their work is seen in their collection of creativity. They work hard to make every event a successful and grand one. From minor detailing to creating a show, they handle all the components together along with their skillfully and committed team, they say.

On 30th November 2020, the couple the knot. It became the much-mentioned couple blogger wedding ceremony. They celebrated all of the rituals with the aid of preserving the Covid-19 protocols.

Their wedding was held in Delhi at Narang's house with the guidance and presence of their mother and father and cherished ones. The day witnessed the presence of known faces from the meals and style industry.