Bhagyesh Hendre

They say that success naturally comes to those with talent but only a few know the hardships behind it & Bhagyesh Hendre is one of them. At the age of 22, he has achieved many milestones and today he is a performer, singer & lyricist.

Starting his career 7 years ago, he did all that enhanced his skills. From performing on the streets to doing free gigs at restaurants he has done all. For the first 5 years, my parents were unaware of my performances. He visioned his parents to see him live on a stage where the concert tickets get sold out. In the year 2020, his vision turned into reality & it was the biggest hit with Soch Music India. Now everyone related to him are proud of him for all his achievements.

With team members like Ronit Jadhao, Meet Gohil & Akshay Singh, his band became one of the best performing wedding bands and it is maintaining its position for 2 years. Ensuring the band tops the priority list of everyone in the world is his goal is and he is determined to achieve it.
Inspired by Armaan Malik who is one of the most renowned music stars, he worked his fingers to the bones to ensure that success doesn't remain out of his reach. Not belonging to an influential family has its cons but it gets worse when they don't support you for your dreams. On talking more about it, the singer said, "My parents always wanted me to focus on my studies and pursue music as a hobby. However, I couldn't do that since music is the only thing I can connect with. It took 7 years of consistent struggle to reach where I am and I am immensely proud of it."

Built from scratch, his music brand Soch Music India is an emerging brand. He says he works tirelessly to ensure that this becomes one of the top music companies in the industry. Not only that, but he also wants to open an academy for people who want to learn but face financial problems. "I don't want financial problems of people to come in the way of their dreams. Hence I want to enhance the skills of those who want to pursue music as a career. Making a name in the industry is tougher than it seems but we promise that we will have their back and keep helping them till they reach their goals." he says.

Thanks to the era of social media, the young generation is aware of what successful life looks like when your passion becomes your profession.