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The 109th birth anniversary of revolutionary socialist Shaheed Bhagat Singh, an influential figure of India's independence movement, is being observed on Wednesday, September 28. He was born to a Punjabi Sikh family in 1907. 

Singh founded the Indian Nationalist Youth Organisation (Naujawan Bharat Sabha) in March 1926, and assassinated a British police officer named John Saunders in 1927 along with Indian revolutionary Shivaram Rajguru to seek revenge for the death of Lala Lajpat Rai.  

Singh was sentenced to death 11 hours before the ordered time in the Lahore conspiracy case on March 23, 1931. It is believed that the magistrate was not present at the time to supervise the hanging.

Check out few inspiring quotes by Bhagat Singh that can be shared on his birth anniversary:

Let me announce, with all the strength at my command, that I am not a terrorist and I never was, expect perhaps in the beginning of my revolutionary career. And I am convinced that we cannot gain anything through those methods. 

A rebellion is not a revolution. It may ultimately lead to that end.

Lovers, Lunatics and poets are made of same stuff.

Life is live its own..others help is needed in funerals only.

May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country

Revolution did not necessarily involve sanguinary strife. It was not a cult of bomb and pistol. They may sometimes be mere means for its achievement.

Bombs and pistols do not make a revolution. The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whetting-stone of ideas.

The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whetting stone of ideas - Bhagat Singh in court during his trial for India's freedom struggle. 

I emphasise that I am full of ambition and hope and of full charm of life. But I can renounce all at the time of need, and that is the real sacrifice.

It is beyond the power of any man to make a revolution. Neither can it be brought about on any appointed date. It is brought about by special environments, social and economic. The function of an organised party is to utilise any such opportunity offered by these circumstances.

Merciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking.

Every tiny molecule of Ash is in motion with my heat. I am such a Lunatic that I am free even in Jail. - Jail Note Book of Bhagat Singh (1929)

Non-violence is backed by the theory of soul-force in which suffering is courted in the hope of ultimately winning over the opponent. But what happens when such an attempt fail to achieve the object? It is here that soul-force has to be combined with physical force so as not to remain at the mercy of tyrannical and ruthless enemy.