Critics have panned Kunal Khemu and Zoa Morani's "Bhaag Johnny" movie. The thriller film, directed by Shivam Nair, features Kunal, Zoa and Mandana Karimi in pivotal roles.

The film has not received more than 2 stars from critics and they say it is not worth the watch.  

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Read critics review below: 

Surabhi Redkar of said: "A thriller that engages you at first and then starts with its stupid twists. If only, the story was stronger, the film could have been a decent watch. Bhaag Johnny is completely passable. The mediocre content is not worth your time and money."

Renuka Vyavahare of The Times of India said: "The whole exercise of presenting these twin stories with the same protagonist displaying contrasting behaviour is interesting. However, the motive of the crime itself is too cliched and the chase has zero thrill or suspense. Instead of making you nervous, it makes you go to sleep. To add to the existing woes are songs and lame romantic tracks."

Nishi Tiwari of said: "A unique concept does not necessarily make a good film. If you ask me, you'd do well to just let Johnny escape this weekend and find something actually fun to do instead."

Mohit Patil of Desimartini said: "The film plainly tells this-happened-then-that-happened without any perspective whatsoever; and is crushingly devoid of humour or droll self-awareness. It's stupidity galore - one which I found thoroughly uninvolving - but who knows, in company of high-inducing substances, this might just be the funniest film to come out of Bollywood in a while."