Beyonce Knowles, Grammy Awards
Beyonce Knowles, Grammy AwardsReuters

A video of Solange Knowles hitting Jay Z at a Met-Gala after party on May 5 has gone viral on the Internet. Solange is Beyonce's sister and Jay Z's sister-in-law. The video footage released by TMZ shows Solange hitting the rapper in an elevator.

Solange can be seen punching the rapper and throwing wild kicks at him. In the three and half minute video, Solange is in full action and is livid at Jay Z. At one time, she also uses her purse to hit Beyonce's husband. As Solange hits the rapper with her purse all the contents from her purse spill out. Interestingly, Beyonce and Jay Z's bodyguard were present at the time of the incident.

Jay Z and Beyonce have always kept their relationship under wraps. Solange smashing Jay Z has come as a complete shock to the couple's fan.

"Solange doesn't like the way Jay Z controls Beyonce. Beyonce would never speak up to him or defend herself, so Solange does it. Solange is not afraid of him and is fed up with him calling all the shots in Beyonce's life," a source revealed to Hollywoodlife hinting at the reason of why Solange hit Jay Z

Apparently, before getting in the elevator Beyonce and Jay Z were entangled in a heated argument and it is speculated that this may have instigated Solange to hit Jay Z.

"Solange doesn't like that Jay Z is so controlling. That's why Beyonce didn't do anything, because Solange was coming to HER defense. Solange and Beyonce are extremely tight and Solange has always been very protective of her. Obviously Solange couldn't take it anymore and flipped out," the source says.

Meanwhile, a day after the elevator brawl, Beyonce posted a cryptic message on her Instagram, in which, she asked the Lord to keep her away from bad influence. The message could have been meant for Jay Z and Solange.